HP and the Half Blood Prince was my least favorite book in the series (probably) when I read it, but it's my favorite movie. Everytime I watch it, there are things that happen everytime.

  1. I hate Harry for stalking Draco and then almost KILLING HIM WHEN HE WAS CRYING. WHAT THE HECK?
  2. I hate when Bellatrix breaks all the glass, and dances on the tables and such.
  3. I try not to laugh when Snape is saving Draco by muttering that spell. The way he says it makes me laugh.
  4. When we first see Draco, I cannot believe how tall he is!!!

I also have tried to rewatch all the movies. I've watched the HBP more than during it's turn. I started the COS and then mid movie decided to change to the HBP.

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