I was just playing around with ranged and melee weapons in battles and one of the battles I joined had the user "Bonnifer", a level 9 VIP bot with a croc head and flamethrower from the DK server. I recognized the username from a tweet RBP had made and I thought it was possible they could be a dev/staff member, but I honestly wasn't so sure, so I just played as usual. And honestly, usual for me is often beat the shit out everyone and live forever...uhm...SO that's what I did.

This Bonnifer was very good, but I still killed them...a few times actually. They tried to kill me a two or times..didn't work out for them. Now I'm not saying I'm better than them, because I don't know if I would have beaten them still if they were ranged or if I was melee and we had the same stats and all, but, point happened, and it was bad. That said, at the very end of the battle I did end up dying because I carelessly went down and walked up to Bonnifer with next to no health instead of just staying safely where I was...and also, by "end of the battle", I mean I had literally just died before the freeze cam and was still blowing up during it.

ANYWAYS, after that battle I was kinda curious if they were really from the RBP/MSP team of if they were just someone who had seen that and made that account. So, I looked them up on MSP and they were a non-vip member (in case you didn't catch it earlier, they are VIP on RBP). Their account had some weirdness on it, but from what I saw/looked at (which, was limited since I don't know Danish and didn't feel like translating), it kinda gave those MSP staff/Pixi Star/Zac Sky vibes. BUT, despite all that, I still wasn't quite convinced. Then, today I was thinking about how funny it was that RBP always uses videos in their tweets now, and so I was scrolling through their tweets again and saw one that I previously that had a Bonnifer that wasn't an obvious staff member, in fact, they were a level 8 VIP bot with a croc head and flamethrower. (Yes, I know they were level 8, not 9...but that was a while ago and if they had battled since they would have gained XP and likely leveled up.)

So yeah...pretty sure I ruthlessly beat the shit out of an RBP staff member the other day and I kinda feel like a dick now...
I mean, to be fair and all, it's not actually wrong...but, idk, I feel bad blasting the people I know/know of...especially if I don't even try to go a bit easy on them.

This is a really long story...

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