• you discover Snowy has an alt called SnowGem and you never knew about it.
  • you mark an article cleanup even though you already cleaned it up.
  • you realize how interesting of a character Draco Malfoy is.
  • you discover the meep from Phineas And Ferb is actually spelled "Meap".
  • you wake up super early and fall back asleep for another hour.
  • your phone makes the worst typo ever.
  • you meet someone on MSP who's exactly like you.
  • you notice a stranger in the car next to you staring at you and, five minutes later, he still is.
  • you scare your teacher by typing fast.
  • you make a grammar mistake in a text message and you can't stop staring at it, wishing it would let you edit it.
  • you see that Princess Ivy likes to spin/twirl

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