wannabe "special snowflake" hipsters who are always texting in class, believing Phan is real because of the Valentine's Day video, everyday pizza eating, Hot Topic and Forever 21 shopping, brown-blond ombre haired, all black wearing, "ITS TWENTY ONE PILOTS NOT 21 PILOTS," Tumblr stalking, proud of their 1240 Instagram followers, smut reading, mainstream music hating, Starbucks drinking, "ALL LIVES MATTER YOU IDIOT," beanie wearing, only owning skinny jeans, "WHO EVEN NEEDS ALGEBRA IN LIFE," dank meme loving, still thinking Pepe the Frog is rad, "I'M SO TRASHY!!!!111!," Steven Universe obsessing, wanting to have a threesome with Harley Quinn and The Joker, at the same time who keep editing Pump's page...


apologies to the meepers who may fit some parts of this description lol

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