It's almost the opposite time of the year of April Fools' Day so time to do a list of April Fools that I remember.

  • In 2012, I claimed I was going to quit on the account Lentävä. I also made an ArtBook claiming that Sonic Heroes 2 was a real game.
  • Idk if I did anything in 2013 but if I did, it was probably on MSP.
  • In 2014 (I think), I made a movie on MSP saying I would quit making the Sonic and the legend of something series. I don't even remember if this was actually a thing.
  • In 2015, I made a Scratch project that supposedly announced Sonic Adventure 3. I later deleted the project (or made it private, I don't even remember).
  • In 2016, I made a Scratch project claiming that I was only going to make sports themed projects in the future. However, it got no attention.
  • In 2017, I made a Scratch project claiming that ther Illuminati symbol had been changed into a circle. I even said it was a late Pi Day project in the description.